Drawing on our agriculture, technology, analytics and consulting backgrounds, we deliver practical solutions & enable our clients achieve exceptional results. At the core of our services are our highly qualified & experienced teams who have completed numerous successful projects.

Our experience and knowledge in Agri-domain enables us to provide tailored, cost-effective & innovative technology solutions that will deliver real competitive advantage to your operational processes including Farm/Crop management, grower management, quality inspection, input purchases, market linkages & more.


Tailored Agri-Solutions

Using the best practices in agriculture domain and cutting-edge technology, we can create a custom business solution that sets your organization apart.

Agri-Data Services

Our Data Services are designed to support you in managing information and making the best use of it and eventually improve your ROI.

Agronomic Consulting

We provide agronomy consulting services for the whole range from primary production to processing and marketing.

Explore other products of eFarm Suite

eFarm platform is built ground up to be cloud-ready and AI-enabled. It delivers all the farm related capabilities through a suite of smart functional modules, which can be either used independently or tightly coupled with other modules or legacy applications.

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