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The eFarm® is a Digital Farming & Market Linkages suite of integrated, smart AI-based farm and grower solutions. These modules work in tandem to enable agribusiness to handle various operations - Farm Management, Quality Assurance, Traceability, Grower Management, Input Purchases, Compliance, Seed Certification, Greenhouse Automation & Management, Yield Forecasting, Labs Integration, Automated Communications, Market Linkages and more - all at one place.


Integrated Suite

eFarm® provides an integrated and comprehensive suite to take care of all the operations from Farm to Fork, unlike the current available solutions which are very fragmented and focused on specific operations.

Data Analytics & Forecasting

eFarm® a combination of sophisticated modules leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data that provides prediction to manage the risks better.

Business & Market Intelligence

Our intelligence approach gives agribusiness a broad view of potential markets, suppliers, and relevant factors, and helps to create new opportunities to give more control over supply chain availability, costs, and reliability.


System Integration
Accessibility in any device
Workflow and Notification

eFarm® Suite

eFarm® platform is built ground up to be cloud-ready and AI-enabled. It delivers all the farm related capabilities through a suite of smart functional modules, which can be either used independently or tightly coupled with other modules or legacy applications.

Farm Engagement Simplified

Crop Alerts

Advisory Services


Integrated Communication

Farm Management Transformed

Farm Management

Resource Management


Farm Analytics

Quality Matters

Automated Inspection

Spectral and Image Analysis

Farm analytics

Insightful Analytics

Compliance Made Easy




Advanced Algorithms

Agriculture Commerce Redefined

Sales Management System

Produce Sale

Market Linkages

Inventory Management

Intelligence Delivered

Business Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Advanced Analytics

Better Business Decisions