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AgSight® provides analytics for business & market intelligence. It also provides visually appealing data visualizations and insightful dashboards to redefine the decision-making process at Agribusinesses. With an industry-specific data model & standard data connector, Agri-companies can easily unify their most important data sources such as production, sales, and operations/financial data, including market intelligence.


Improved Operational Efficiency
Gained Competitive Advantage
Enhanced Business Opportunities
Effective Data Analysis


Enhanced Decision-making

AgSight offers sophisticated analytics with a prescriptive framework for decision-making on-the-go. A single unified architecture seamlessly integrates data management, data discovery, advanced analytics, reporting & visualization.

Market Intelligence

AgSight intelligence give your agribusiness a broad view of potential markets, suppliers, & relevant factors, and helps to create new opportunities to give your business more control over supply chain availability, costs, & reliability.

Business Intelligence

Advanced Machine Learning algorithms improve the accuracy of data & provides advisories leading to better profits & gain competitive advantage in the business.