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AgSift® provides AI-based functionality for product quality assessment. With accelerated validation and built-in best practices, AgSift recognizes quality defects and compares with predefined standards. The quality inspection process is enhanced with the help of advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and Image Analysis. The application is preconfigured with government standards and be easily customized as per the business requirements to identify the defects and diseases.


Save on Labor Costs
Retrieve Real-time Data
Eliminate Inefficiencies
Avoid Paperwork


AI based automated Inspection

We use Artificial Intelligence to automate the quality inspection that process algorithms and diminish manual efforts that have been in place for decades.

Image & Spectral Analysis

A quality inspector takes an image in a device or pre-installed cameras captures images from the crates to do the quality inspection and sends data to the application for further processing.

Insightful Analytics

We are using AI based Internet of Things to analyze and build data insights that helps in giving better decisions for agribusiness.