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AgPivot®, a focal product of eFarm® Suite, is a next-generation Farm Management software that helps agri-businesses plan, monitor, and analyze all activities on the farm - Planning, Hauling, Cutting, Planting, Spraying, Fertigation, Yield Checks, Harvesting, Storage and more with a few clicks, while integrating tightly with all other systems/modules. It provides real-time analytical insights, to improve the efficiency, productivity, profitability, and sustainability.


Save on Input Costs
Better Risk Management
Enhanced Planning & Tracking
Digitized Farm Management


Integrated Farm Management System

AgPivot provides a one-stop platform from seed to harvest farming practices. Integration helps farmers/growers to plan the farming activity wisely to reduce cost and optimize resources.

Farm Analytics & Reports

Traditional farming leads to high input costs & thereby business fail to gain competitive advantage. Better planning of resources helps to gain competitive advantage among the competitors.

Resource Tracking

Our analytical approach helps to generate reports of every activity in the farming operations. This defies the inefficiencies and transform farms into smart farms.