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AgMart® is a marketplace and market linkage platform specifically designed for all stakeholders in the Agri domain. This is coupled with custom store-front and traceability features; it facilitates agribusinesses to gain visibility, buy/sell Agri-inputs & produce quickly and easily. The platform enables the user in Inventory and expenses management.


Market Linkage
BEnhanced Supply Chain Management
Efficient Cost Management
Increased Visibility


Elimination of Intermediaries

For decades, intermediaries have been a hindrance in the agriculture commerce as most of the margin goes to them failing to benefit the buyers and sellers. Out intuitive & user-friendly eliminates the intermediaries.

Organized E-Agribusiness

E-commerce in agriculture is unorganized and widely dispersed buyers and sellers. AgMart platform enhances the buying & selling activity in an organized & centralized trading among the agriculture players.

Analytical Dashboard

Dashboards empowered by business Intelligence helps the user to better manage the expenses and inventory. The user can visualize the data for better understanding, analyze, report & present the data in real-time.