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Farm Engagement Simplified

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AgConnect® is a complete digital, collaboration and engagement platform, enabling farmers to get real-time advisories related to Market Prices, Weather, Plant Protection, Seed Selection, Nutrient Management, Soil Health and others. A cloud-based portal used by agricultural organization to improve their performance and deliver better quality produce.


Real-time Communication
Automated Yield Prediction
Enhanced Advisories
Increased Management Efficiency


Integrated Communication

All the actions are communicated to stakeholders & mangers in real-time using automated communication systems via phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Benchmarking of Grower Performance

The farmers/growers historical yield data and upcoming yield information will be uploaded into the system. This helps the managers to monitor the potential farmer/grower.

Actionable real-time data

Real-time data helps managers, if a farmer/grower is not performing up to the mark, farmer/grower can be monitored with the data, & solutions can be provided to improve their performance.