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Delighted to Introduce “eFarm” Suite from Agrometrics

In recent times, we are witnessing exponential growth in the number of start-ups in the Agriculture domain as opposed to other domains.  As per the article, I read online (, there are currently 450 agri-startup in India and growing at a rate of 25% year over year. This is a very encouraging trend to see a lot of young and bright minds coming together with innovative solutions to the problems in the agriculture domain.  However, from a different perspective, this exponential growth in Agri-companies is causing a different set of issues, where there is a multitude of solutions available to handle different functionalities in the Agri domain. This is, unfortunately, leading to chaos, complexity, inconsistency and higher operating costs. I am sure each one of the start-ups is coming up with fabulous solutions to increase the yield, increase profit, decrease operating costs and obviously help farmers reap the benefits.  I am not questioning the solutions offered here but questioning the chaos that a varied spectrum of solutions is creating in agri-domain.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single platform to take care of issues… This is where we after studying the market extensively decided to launch a suite “efarm” that alleviates the complexities and has the stakeholders focus on what they are supposed to focus on.

We at Agrometrics have studied the market and understand the problems being faced by different agencies/government and excited to have come up with a suite of products to take care of from Farm-to-Fork. This will ensure that whoever is using our products can focus on his core area while we with our products give a seamless suite of products to take care of their needs.  Please stay tuned to hear more about our suite.


Sasikiran Chandra,

CTO at Agrometrics

Sasikiran Chandra is CTO at Agrometrics. Sasikiran Chandra is an accomplished leader with over 18 years’ experience leading complex, multi-disciplinary initiatives in large-scale distributed computing areas. Serial intrapreneur with 14+ years of experience driving end to end development of several B2B SaaS / Mobile / Cloud Platform products. You can find Sasikiran Chandra on LinkedIn

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